Davout’s Turn

Another factor in my recent hanging around upstairs messing with the AV setup is that taking pictures of Davout is that much harder.  He tends to dart away if I get up, the overall gloom of the room makes him vanish, and there are more places to hide.   So recently he’s been left out.

Today I made a special effort by enticing him with a shoestring, then dangling it down for him.  Of course Rhea came in from nowhere to play with it first, but after that he came over for a careful examination.

What is the eternal essence of string-ness?

Ah-hah!  Enlightenment.

Anna still isn’t showing a huge desire to come out of her own room.  She is eating her wet food again, and playing with me for a few minutes before she gets too worked up and runs off.  She’s pretty much over snapping at my hands, even if I am pulling her about to take icky medicine.

You can always get Rhea’s attention by the feather teaser.  I hid it all day under a cloth but she went on alert as soon as it was pulled out.

Anna is a pretty thing.

The neighbors often shut or open a window about bedtime and this time Rhea was there to hear it.  I’m not sure why this caught her by surprise this way, but I like the stunned look.

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2 Responses to Davout’s Turn

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Love that look on Rheas face in the last photo. Apologies to Davout but all of your kitties are pretty.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Davout is such a handsome boy! So cute with the shoe string! The girls are such lovely ladies! Love the surprised look on Rhea


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