Perches and Punches

The kittens both like this perch on a bookshelf that now looks over toward the TV set.  Rhea spent the later afternoon up there.

I was having trouble getting a picture of Davout until he climbed there himself.  This is one of the few places I’ve seen him kick Rhea out of.  He will climb up, sit next to her and then either fight with her or just take up space until she leaves in a snit.

Rhea perched on the edge of a folding rocking chair watching me try and lure Davout out to get a picture.

Anna is hanging out in more places in the room but still does not seem to want to leave.

She does like a little playing with the red string.  Take that!


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1 Response to Perches and Punches

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Rhea look slick she has found a comfy spot and is quite content there.
    Devout looks very pleased with himself taking over Rheas spot after he kicked her out of it.
    Anna is a very pretty lady kitty.


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