Back to the Routine

I went back to work so now everyone is back in the normal routine.  The kittens were a little more glad to see me when I wasn’t underfoot the whole day, or nearly so.  Davout has been making more strides about jumping up on the bed for petting or admiration these last few days and this time I managed to get some pictures of him.

What to use to hold his interest?

He wasn’t as interested in old toys like this cloth teaser.  Rhea can be induced to play with most anything, of course.

Anna had a good play session with the red cord toy after dinner and the icky medicine visits.  She seems to be a little more curious about going out the door of her room than she has been recently.  Possibly the medicine is helping her feel better so she’s more willing to face the kittens.

Davout got his chance at the camera strap.  I’m not sure he’s ever played with one before, but all cats like the strap as a toy.

It is hard to get Anna in the act of playing since she likes to whirl and pounce on the end of the string, then bite it.  So she’s either blurred, or you just see the top of her head.

This time when she got tired she just flopped against the side of this nook to rest rather than running to a more hidden spot.

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4 Responses to Back to the Routine

  1. Am I crazy or did you used to have a hard time getting a picture of Davout early on because every time you got the camera out all he wanted was the strap??

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  2. Marc-André says:

    I love those close ups 🙂


  3. weggieboy says:

    I agree with Marc-Andre! They have a lovely impressionistic feel about them that captures the personalities of your kitties just fine!


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