A Visit With Anna

Anna Tonight

Just a quick post.  Schedules here have been awry since I am on jury duty and was chosen to serve a trial.  I haven’t had the energy to try and figure out how to encourage the cats to mix more.

Anna and Cord

Anna still hisses at the kittens.  Rhea will still charge at her if she turns away but stops short of a fight.  Davout wants to see Anna but does run off if hissed at.

Anna Playing

Anna often goes nutty pawing at the red string as fast as she can, which is cute as all get out.

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8 Responses to A Visit With Anna

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    hang in there.


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    she has such a sweet face.

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  3. Marc-André says:

    Anna is so beautiful 🙂

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  4. Good luck with the jury duty! I was relieved when I was dismissed from serving in a trial the last time I was called in. (I knew the defendant from when I lived in Minnesota; I thought it was a weird coincidence, though I wasn’t surprised he was in serious trouble.) That particular trial went on for six weeks, with one break while a key witness recovered from an accident. Here’s hoping yours is much shorter and the cats don’t have to do without you for too long.

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  5. Take care of yourself human. Don’t stress out over the things you have to see / hear at the trial or at whatever decisions you are faced with. And the kitties will be fine- 💜


  6. Hope the trial doesn’t last too long. We hope the kitties will start getting along soon.


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