Another Day

I’ll give Davout pride of place because he’s been hard to get a picture of recently.  Even today I got a nice one on one session with him playing…but I didn’t have a camera.  When I went to get one, he jumped down and went off.

I put flea treatment on everyone this month since I have such a huge supply.  Rhea seems to have some sensitivity to it, since she was running around acting oddly.  I’m pretty sure it must be the stuff the medicine is carried through the skin, since she started the instant I put it on, rather than after the medicine would have time to kick in.  She seemed to squint and even drool some.  Davout was pretty worried about her and kept following her around while she acted oddly.  After a short while she only showed a few effects and was acting more normally.

And I did a little more desensitization by hanging out with Anna while the kittens – mostly Rhea – kept sneaking in to get hissed at.  Once Rhea flopped down to play with a catnip toy in sight.  Another time she jumped up on the sofa back so they were at the same height.  The only major noise was when Rhea used the shelves to get within a few feet and Anna got pretty noisy and Rhea hissed a few times back.

I did try bribery while Rhea was on the chair back and gave all of them some treats. Both of them were willing to eat within sight of each other.  Rhea doesn’t feel tense during this, but it sure seems that if not watched she would get right up in Anna’s face.  She was more polite to the old boys when she was a kitten!

Anna didn’t show any odd effects to the flea meds.

She does like playing with this red string toy.

Rhea keeping an eye on things.

Davout was very hard to track down for his flea treatment.  I had to resort to the expedient of shutting the door to a room and crawling around to get him into a corner.


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7 Responses to Another Day

  1. weggieboy says:

    Both my cats act like I put acid on them when I put the flea-tick-etc. medication on them. I accidentally got some on me once, and it was like water — no sensation other than “wet”.

    I wondered if Andy and Dougy’s response to the medication was because of wetness since I felt nothing else when I got it on me Or, maybe there is a scent to it that is unpleasant to cats.

    I don’t know.

    It’s interesting to read where two of your cats don’t react to it, which adds to the mystery.

    (I get a kick out of the photos you get of your cats hanging out on the landing, looking through the banister!)


    • Oldcat says:

      It was raining outside Saturday and Rhea went out and got some rain on her which she did not like but did not react as strongly to as the flea drops.

      There is a ‘volatile’ smell to it and this might be getting into her eyes and irritating her.

      All the other cats I have had have been fairly mild reactors, about like if you dripped water on them.


  2. “Rhea keeping an eye on things” is a lovely photo.

    I hope that Anna’s integration into your household continues to improve. It very much seems to be a case of slowly but surely. She is fortunate to have a caring and patient human such as yourself. I’m rooting for her.


  3. I absolutely LOVE the picture of Rhea looking down from the stairs- sooo pretty!


  4. sunsetdragon says:

    I love the second to the last photo of Rhea on the stairs.
    Ali gets advantaged every month, and we tried front line once on the advice of our vet and she ran around circles because it irritated her skin.


  5. My Leo reacts to flea meds like that, I think the fumes bother him. It never bothered Star. I haven’t used it on the new girls yet, but since they are Leo’s sisters I wonder if they will react too. I don’t think it’s an allergy to it, he doesn’t get spots or have trouble breathing. He just drools and spins like he’s trying to get it off. He also tries to lick at it a lot so I have to make sure it goes high enough that he can’t get much of it, but he’s so flexible! He’s usually fine after a little while, if unhappy.


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