Bed Bug

When I went and got the camera to take photos, Davout jumped onto the bed and stole my spot.

Rhea was shocked!

There’s a spot someone else might sleep in…I’ll take it.

Anna and I had a nice play session today.  When the kittens started to get close, I broke out some treats and Anna kept calm until Rhea actually came in view.  There was some growling, but not much hissing.

Anna seems a little too content in her own room these days.  It doesn’t seem that she is afraid of the kittens but she withdraws when they come in to check her out.  They are so curious now that I fear they would press her into a tiny space or she might fight them.  When she was out and about last month the kittens weren’t spending nearly the time wanting to see what she was doing as they are now.  Perhaps the kittens need to get bored with Anna somehow so they will leave her to mingle at her own pace.

Rhea doesn’t seem to be hostile..this was her after I left Anna’s room in the hall outside.  Davout is even less of a bother to Anna he’s so shy he runs off at the least move.

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2 Responses to Bed Bug

  1. Oh my gosh! Look at that tummy!! All that white fluff! How do you not bury your face in that?! Most awesome belly!
    I hope Anna decides there’s more to life than one room soon. Hope she decides the kittens aren’t so bad either.


  2. We continue to hope that Anna decides to feel more comfortable in the rest of the house.


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