A Kiss for Luck

Tonight I gave everyone a bit of a rest from integration games.  Rhea was off in the bedroom rather than hovering at the door frame.

Davout climbed to the top of the bookcase instead of hanging in the hallway.

And Anna didn’t have to decide when to get upset at a kitten getting too close.

I love her monster front feet. The Golden fur with tabby markings makes them that much better.

She sometimes can’t decide which toy to keep hold of…

There’s more to fitting in than just mixing with the kittens.  It is good to see how comfortable she is in her room.  At the shelter where I adopted her she shared an indoor outdoor run with a few dozen cats and she had a spot by a wall next to a flower where she seemed to stay.  Both her pictures on Petfinder that must have been taken some time earlier were in this same spot.  Even when in this one room she has a lot more little nooks and places to claim for her own than that.

She continues to get more comfortable with me.  She’s starting to talk a little, and often gives my had a little lick instead of the snapping she used to give when she started.   She does what she can.


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5 Responses to A Kiss for Luck

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Anna is a beauty.

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  2. What they said. 🙂
    Mitsu and the Homestead Colony cats

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  3. I love Anna’s paws too! And her face is do sweet- I’m glad she’s starting to settle in!


  4. pilch92 says:

    So nice to read how Anna is coming along. Please visit us for a chance to win a stuffed grumpy cat.


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