Two Girls

Big Eyes

There was no drama between Rhea and Anna today, for a wonder.  Mostly because Rhea provided all the drama herself.  When I got up she was hanging around closer than usual until I noticed she was totally messed up behind with poo.

Yes, the glamour of long haired kitties.

I took her to the sink for a back half bath.  It has been quite a while since she has needed one.  She was a lot smaller then!  She made lots of noise.


The sink I used was right next door to the closet where Anna was sleeping the night.  She must have wondered about the carrying on since after it was over she was very angry about being touched.

Basket Case

Poor Davout was so worried.  He kept coming up to the bathroom to see what was happening.  He doesn’t like Rhea to be upset, even if there’s nothing he can do about it.

So in the end we had some extra trash and a half-damp cat with a big job of drying off to do.

Anna's Stuff

Anna’s issues had cleared up by later in the day and she was happy to play like normal.

Paw Curl

Right after this she nipped at me.  She is getting better at understanding the ‘ouch’ signal if she bites a little too hard.  She stops and licks the finger.  At one point she started licking and decided not to stop.  She kept at it for what must have been minutes on the same two fingers.

Pretty Rhea

I wonder what Rhea will think about a bottom trim?  I wonder if I can do it with my shaver???

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7 Responses to Two Girls

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    I can tell you exactly what Rhea will think about a bottom trim, and wishing you the best of luck! 🙂

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  2. weggieboy says:

    Oh, the dreaded half-bath! I don’t think it ever was any easier to do this than a fuyll bath, and neither went over well with my kitties! I definitely became a believer in the so-called “hygienic trim” of the hair around the kitties’ “porthole”, and I’m sure that’s your best choice, too. Good luck!

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  3. I had a poodle with long, curly hair who also happened to have digestive issues. I spent a lot of time trimming the area around his rear portal in order to avoid his coming in with the remains of his bathroom break on his butt. He didn’t like the half-baths either, though it got to where he knew when he was due for one, and would resignedly offer his tail end to me. (Tip: if the rear end mess is relatively small, baby wipes are great for a quick cleanup.)

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  4. Lurkertype says:

    Our longhaired girl periodically gets rassled down and has her butt region trimmed (we use blunt scissors, like nose-hair trimmers). She hates it, but since there’s no way we could ever get her anywhere near water, it gets done.

    Of course, our short haired boy currently has his hind end completely shaved since his last hospitalization, and he still managed to have a poo butt today — because he eats people hair and then the poops form around it like beads on a string.

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  5. sunsetdragon says:

    Oh man I so understand about the half bath and the joy of getting long haired fluffy butt dry.
    Ali has had her share of half baths also and the whole world hears her woes when she is getting washed, and then held down wrapped in a towel and dried off.
    Anna s a beautiful girl as is Rhea.

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  6. Glitter needs a sanitary trim occasionally, there is no way for us to do it because she is the strongest cat we’ve ever had! She fights like a demon! But we take her to the groomer and she’s an angle for them, gets her trim and nails clipped with no fuss. It’s so worth it!
    Hope Rhea behaves if you do it yourself!


  7. Aww, poor Rhea had a poo butt. Our cat Nettie gets those, as well. She refuses to allow us to give her a bath, though. She’s a bit of a wild cat. We have to wait until the poo on her rear dries. Then I will pick up Nettie and hold her gently but firmly, and Michele will have to lift up her tail and very carefully use a pair of scissors to clip off the fur with the poo. Nettie does not enjoy that at all!


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