Grooming Update

Well yesterday’s post really brought out the comments!  Who knew this was a good subject to generate web posts?

I did attempt to give a sanitary trim to Rhea this morning.  It went fairly well – she kept trying to pull away but she’s long enough to tuck under an arm and then I can bend the tail out of the way.  I don’t know if I got enough but there were a lot of tufts about the room when I gave up.  It looked a lot like a feather pillow burst open, as the fir there is mostly white.

Again, Davout was a bit worried, but since Rhea did less shouting under the trim he didn’t seem as upset about it.  I noticed also that his front whiskers are getting circular and heading for the opposite eye.  I might have to trim them.

The only grooming with Anna is her grooming me.  She did a long session of licking the back of my hand today.

For whatever reason the kittens were hanging out downstairs more today rather than right outside Anna’s room.  Part of that might be that I did more downstairs stuff rather than stuff in the bedroom.

Anna was getting really crazy when playing.  She would plant her front feet on the string or a toy, hop her back feet in a circle, then jump up on the back of the sofa and pounce down and bite at it again.  A few of these wore her out for sure.

Looking at this picture, his eyebrow whiskers look to be heading for his eyes too!


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3 Responses to Grooming Update

  1. weggieboy says:

    One thing about trimming (or brushing) a long-haired cat: no matter how much you remove, they still look like a hair ball! LOL! I hope your trim job helped Rhea’s problem. As distressing as it is to us to have to clean this up, I think it must really frustrate cats, as fastidious as they are.


  2. Sounds like you had a fairly easy time trimming Rhea, lucky you!
    I think it’s too cute that Anna apparently likes the taste of you! But sounds like you better never be too late with her dinner, lol!


  3. Lurkertype says:

    Anna is so beautiful. Her coloring must be stunning in a sunbeam.

    Glad you got some butt fur off the kittens! Yep, longhairs have so much fur that you get a whole pile even if you don’t cut much.

    I have an urge to comb Davout’s whiskers the opposite way. Maybe use rollers or a perm to make them stick out and not attack his own face.


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