Day of Fun

I found to my surprise that Rhea had located the feather teaser toy in its hideaway and had dragged it to the side of the bed.  I entertained her with it for a while…trying to move it just enough to make her eyes big without a pounce.

Just as I wrote this Rhea came rocketing down the stairs with the toy in her mouth, dragging the stick after her like it was nothing.

I don’t know if it is the water fountain or something else but Anna was very frisky in her room this morning.  I played with her a bit and she danced and spun in a circle, ran up and down the sofa and then fell between the back cushion and the couch back.

Davout was second fiddle in playing with toys due to his politeness but he did climb up and let me take some nice photos today.

Rhea of the Golden Eyes.

This evening Anna wasn’t quite as crazy as this morning but she did do several spin moves chasing the red cord and one somersault as well.

All that zanyness wears you down.

Davout is getting more in the habit of following me upstairs at bedtime and sitting on the bed for a spell.  Today he also came up and asked to be picked up as I started to make this post.

Davout did get a turn with the feather toy when Rhea was distracted.

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2 Responses to Day of Fun

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    love those furry faces


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