Yesterday and Today

Yesterday before I gave up I did take a picture of the two kittens fighting on the floor.

Rhea might have gotten more than she could handle!

Today I tried a few experiments with leaving Anna’s door open.  She still hisses when she sees one of the kittens coming, but otherwise is ready to relax.

But if the door is open soon there is someone trying to see in.

She kept playing fine until Rhea came and moved all the way into the room just a few feet off.

Rhea stares, but doesn’t seem mad.  She will come closer and closer with time until a spat breaks out.  If Anna retreats Rhea follows.  If Rhea stays this interested and Anna stays as unconfrontational as she has I assume it end with Anna shut up in a closet all the time.

Rhea isn’t being aggressive, but she is being relentless about this.  A little boredom would suit the situation better.

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4 Responses to Yesterday and Today

  1. Marc-André says:

    Added the cute shot with Rhea for TRT 🙂


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  3. Maybe Rhea is trying very gently to become friends with Anna. That would be very sweet.

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