Another Experiment

Anna had had a strange day today.  Whenever I would leave her door open even a little she would hiss down the hallway, even before there were any other cats there and retreat to her closet.  But when I went in to play with her at picture time she had gone up to the highest practical shelf in the room.

I wondered if this would give her more confidence to stay and not retreat to the closet.

It didn’t take long for the open door to collect an audience…

…and a full house.  Anna was hissing at them strongly for a bit.

I closed the door most of the way and played with Anna with the red string for a while.

She was willing to play, so she wasn’t too upset.  After a bit the door started to push open and Rhea was poking inside.  Anna wasn’t too upset, she was growling more than hissing even.

I decided to try bribery and hand out treats.  It might make Anna relax, and at least would show if she was getting upset.  She’d stop eating.

I gave some to the kittens too and there was some decrease in tension.

Rhea came even closer and started to explore the floor below Anna’s shelves.

Anna was getting tired of growling and limited herself to some musical grumbling for the most part.

Rhea likes to play with this banana now.  When it was downstairs she hardly touched it but now she really likes it since Anna has claimed it.  At about this time Davout even poked his head to the front of the sofa for a little bit before retreating, which deserved treats all around.

Eventually the kittens straggled off to other rooms.  This seemed to be successful on all sides.

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5 Responses to Another Experiment

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Musical grumbling! I know just what that sounds like, but didn’t have a term for it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. weggieboy says:

    I keep coming back with the hope Anna finally joined the kittens in play. Musical grumbling…well, progress can take many forms!


  3. Mol! I hope they’ll get used to each other and be friends soon!


  4. Anne d says:

    She may be less grumpy after her dental. This happened with my son’s cat.


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