Some News

Anna got a catnip ball to go with her banana.  She likes it.

I also got news of Anna’s test results – she’s now clear of icky parasites….except for Rhea and Davout!  She will soon be going in for dental work late next week.

I brought in Rhea’s favorite toy for Anna to play with.  Anna liked it, but of course Rhea came right in and drew some ire.  Rhea next gave the camera strap a look….

And she got it!

Anna was less than pleased at this intrusion.

But soon it just got boring.  I did kick Rhea out and get some extra play time in with Anna.

When I came downstairs Davout was sitting on this little shelf by the stairs.

Don’t fall, dude!

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3 Responses to Some News

  1. weggieboy says:

    Whew! You have your work cut out for you. Rhea on the camera strap photo is a hoot! I love that look cats get when they lock onto something!

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  2. I really hope that Anna will be more happy and sociable after she has her dental work done. That is what happened with our cat Squeaky. Once she had her bad teeth removed, Squeaky became (as Michele likes to put it) “a brand new cat.”

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  3. Love their pictures, human!😺


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