No Drama Nite

I didn’t try any experiments today which made Rhea bored.  She announced this by dragging her favorite toy to where I was sitting and speaking up.  So she got some playtime and I got some pictures.

Some pretty good ones…

And a very good one!

Davout was sitting on his perch.  When I let him play with the rod toy, he grabs it in his mouth and leaps off the cat tree.  If I don’t let go he pulls on it really hard.

I let it go eventually.

Anna had a good play session.  She gets very active which sometimes makes it hard to get a good picture…or to remember to take one, even.

I like it when she clamps things in her big mitts.

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2 Responses to No Drama Nite

  1. Just adorable as always!

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  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Love that look on Rheas pretty face in the first photo. Davits eyes are amazing and he is such a pretty boy-sorry know I am supposed to say handsome but he is pretty.
    Anna is also such a pretty girl and sure seems to be adjusting well.

    Liked by 1 person

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