Quiet Day with Trimmings

There was no crises today to deal with, although Rhea did sneak into Anna’s room and hide behind the water fountain to watch her atop the shelves.

When I was carrying her out I noticed a lump under her arm…a matt was forming.  I had to bring out the electric trimmer again.  It went fairly well even thought she wriggled as much as ever.  That and the usual curious following me about as I did some cleaning took up her day.

Davout is harder to catch but he also had some mats too.  Most I got with scissors but he had some in his new fur growing from his last professional trim so I had to use the clippers on him too.  He was unhappy, but I got it done.

Anna is self grooming!

Anna is getting more chatty with me when I come in for visits.  She also does some quiet mews when I am holding her and she wants to complain.

Anna has a pretty profile.

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3 Responses to Quiet Day with Trimmings

  1. pilch92 says:

    You sure have your hands full with grooming duties to keep them so pretty. Please visit us for a giveaway.


  2. A matt, huh? Yup, Peep #1 has her eye on one of those on my brother Rushton’s side. She says she’s gonna deal with it. Rushy says she’s not. So far, it’s a stand off. Peep will likely win. She usually does.



  3. Anna is a little princess! Just adorable!


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