What Just Happened?

Anna was a little nonplussed at the end of tonight’s play session.

She was pretty active and excited…

Lunging for the cord…she even jumped down from the sofa to dive into her safe nook and then bounced back up again…

Unbeknownst to Anna, Rhea had snuck in and was sneaking peeks…she was being good today after rushing up behind Anna and hissing while Anna was eating some kibble.  She didn’t get closer than a few inches but she did spit first!

Anna didn’t notice her.

After a bit I noticed Rhea had circled around to right around where Anna’s tail is.  I tried to encourage Rhea to leave but she hissed at me and dived into another of Anna’s hiding spots.  I had to put Anna to one side to avoid a larger crisis and get Rhea out.

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1 Response to What Just Happened?

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely to see a completely different look on Anna’s face in the last couple of weeks. She looks happy and confident.

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