Anna’s Back

There was no trouble at the vet’s today and Anna had two teeth extracted – the small pointy ones behind the fangs and before the molars. on the bottom.  She isn’t showing much effects of the experience aside from hissing at the closed door even when there aren’t any kittens on the other side.

I noticed just the other day that Anna’s tail is making quite a comeback in the fluff department and is getting quite majestic.

The vet techs sometimes pass out little themed bandannas after a visit.  Anna got a Valentine’s day one which was pretty cute.  The techs said that she was a bit hit because she would ask for petting and then sometimes hiss at them.

It is quite early to tell if any gains have been made with the kittens, but there’s not a sign of any mental trauma to Anna from it all.

No chance for you to bother Anna today, Rhea!



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6 Responses to Anna’s Back

  1. Anne Daigle says:

    Those gums are still sore. It was the bicuspids that were pulled. Same teeth that gave me trouble.

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  2. weggieboy says:

    Anna is such a pretty girl! I’m glad she’s getting all this love and attention, and still look forward to the day Rhea and Davout get to play with her because she wants them to!

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  3. Hope for a speedy recovery. Love the bandana

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  4. pilch92 says:

    I am glad all went well. I hope the tooth fairy visits.

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