Cat Spat

When I went into Anna’s room to play with her and take pictures, I saw Rhea being bolder than usual behind me…

I started playing on the couch but then Anna jumped down to the front corner.  Rhea jumped forward from the side into a guard posture right in front and hissed at Anna.

I’ve said that Rhea doesn’t seem that aggressive…well this was a bit more than I’ve seen.

But this time Anna stayed and fought back…hissing and slapping the floor.  Rhea got backed into a corner until Anna backed off some.  She followed up, more to get out the door than to go for Anna this time and got backed down a time or two more.

Anna wasn’t too agitated afterward, once the door was closed.  She played with her ball and taught it a thing or two.

The camera strap got a few bites for good measure.

Davout was playing dead when I came out of the room.  I guess he wasn’t taking chances with either girl after all the commotion.

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6 Responses to Cat Spat

  1. I suppose I shouldn’t “Like” a literal cat fight between Anna and Rhea, but I am glad Anna stood her ground and Rhea fled. It sounds like Anna knows she is home now and won’t put up with any more nonsense from the younger cats. 🙂

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  2. MOL! 😸 Sounds like Davout is playing it smart!

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  3. kimkiminy says:

    Boy, Rhea is just determined to confront Anna. I wonder if it’s a girl-territory thing.
    Love Anna’s floofy paws!

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    • Oldcat says:

      She wants to get in Anna’s grill, but she isn’t tense or fluffed up or angry when she does it. When confronted, she backs down short of a fight. If Anna backs up, she comes on instantly in pursuit. It might be like the chase games she plays with Davout. She also doesn’t do nearly as much haunting of Anna when I’m not in with her…but she does do it a little.


  4. Smart man Davout! Stay out of the fray, MOL
    Here’s hoping those girls work it out soon!

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  5. sunsetdragon says:

    Look at those big Anna paws. Sweet.


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