Reverse Psychology

Anna Whiskers

I tried some reverse psychology with Rhea when I was feeding Anna today.  I actually carried her into the room to the far side shelf by the window and plunked her down while I filled Anna’s plate on the far side of the room behind the sofa.   Her being up high kept her from creeping around looking for Anna.

Anna didn’t notice or didn’t react to Rhea being in, even when she complained as  I took her out when I was done.

Anna Thinking

Maybe being dragged in will take the charm off of sneaking in.

Anna Shelf

Anna on the same shelf Rhea was on earlier.

Davout Won't Go

At the end of playtime I tried to lure Davout forward with the string but he wasn’t biting. Rhea was not even there…

Rhea Shows Up

Even Rhea was shunning the room until the very end.  She did creep in a few feet more but did not come closer and make Anna agitated.  Maybe the reverse psychology is working!

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9 Responses to Reverse Psychology

  1. weggieboy says:

    Clever of you! I hope it works for the kitties!


  2. I hope they learn to love each other soon- they could have so much fun together if they could get along! Shredding the couch, knocking over houseplants, shredding toilet tissue, and my purrsonal favorite- climbing window screens! MOL!


  3. Lurkertype says:

    I like it! Hope it works… though Miss Rhea may figure it out, she’s a cunning one.


  4. Anne d says:

    What about switching base stations–Rhea on the room, Anna out of it for a few hours?


  5. sunsetdragon says:

    Sending good kitty vibes this works.


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