Hard Life

I accidentally left Anna’s door open a bit this evening but none of the other cats noticed. Anna was in the closet but I’m not sure she noticed it either.  Her closet area is her favorite spot to was after dinner.  I did see her walking around the room later.

I decided to give her a break from pictures, but the kittens weren’t cooperating.  Davout would stay in the dark half of the room which adds a brownish tint to everything…well with better marketing I could call it sepia tone.

Rhea at least came up into the light but when she was intent on playing with a string she wouldn’t look up…

And instead of looking at me she would move a bit and make faces…this is the blank stare.

This is the grumpy face.

There’s the face I was looking for!

It’s a tough life taking kitty pictures.


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6 Responses to Hard Life

  1. I think all of the photos you’ve posted here look great. I’ve yet to get a good photograph of my cat. She hates seeing a camera aimed at her and will walk away in disgust. I was hoping for better results with my new phone as she hasn’t quite figured out what it’s for (yet), but in all of the pictures I’ve gotten so far, she looks bored, irritated, or just blurry.

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  2. sunsetdragon says:

    That Rhea has a beautiful face.


  3. Love all of Rhea’s expressions! Looks like she’s practicing for acting class, lol
    And that ‘sepia tone’ shows off Davout’s wild whiskers!


  4. Oh my goodness! What beautiful photos! Your cat is absolutely the epitome of cuteness!


  5. sunsetdragon says:

    Look at those beautiful faces.


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