Win One, Lose One

Davout is a skittery kitty, but these days he will let me grab him for a minute when I am starting up the computer to input the pictures for the blog post.  He soon wants to go off on his own, though.

Yesterday or the day before I was talking about how I left the door open to Anna’s room and nothing happened.  After I made the post, I went upstairs and Rhea was sitting on the back of the red sofa, about even with Anna’s perch on the futon in the closet.  Anna was growling a little bit, but otherwise they were just sitting together.

Above – Anna defending her nook in the shelves from dangling red cords.

So I was feeling pretty pleased about that, but this morning I was in there with Anna and Rhea came in the door and lunged right up toward Anna in her closet and induced a noisy spat.

When Anna gets tired of more active play, she lies down and swats at various toys I roll into the cubby…


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1 Response to Win One, Lose One

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Sounds like no one got hurt and Ann i protecting her boundaries. Pretty kitties.


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