Something to Watch Out For

What does Rhea have her eyes on?

It’s Da Bird!

The last time the toy was out, the lure at the end was mangled to bits and totally ragged. So I rummaged about in the closet to find a replacement end, and found this one.  It is a hit.

Davout was flying chest high in the air after it at first, and if he got hold of it he would carry it off like a prize, dragging me around the room.

Sadly the lighting was such that almost any movement would blur the shot, so many pictures were lost.  Even this one he just moved his head a little.

I’ve been going in for a short time to pet Anna these last days since if I hang out it tends to attract the kittens which bothers Anna.  And she doesn’t need a fancy toy when the red thread is ready to go.

I managed to get her waving her front feet wildly with her mouth open but did not manage to get a clear photo of it.

She’s a wild thang.

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4 Responses to Something to Watch Out For

  1. greg1948 says:

    Of all the “dangly” toys we have, Da Bird is by far the most favorite. No matter where they are in the house, all I have to do is pick up Da Bird, and the cats appear out of nowhere! It is the genuine bird feathers that turn them on. Danglers made of fake materials do not elicit the same responses.

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  2. weggieboy says:

    Same with my two, greg1948! Andy and Dougy love, love, love any DaBird toy or the BirBug toy. I agree that the real bird feathers do the trick.

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  3. We love da Bird! Brulee does some amazing leaps for a Persian.


  4. sunsetdragon says:

    sweet kitties and Ali loves day feather.


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