A Mighty Huntress, or Two

The afternoon was all about the first huntress, Rhea.  She came upstairs and was announcing her arrival loudly, which usually means she caught something.  And she had…the had fished the old “Da Bird” lure from where I had put it and brought it upstairs to play with.

She hasn’t shown much desire to eat toys so far, but just in case I tucked it in a drawer for safekeeping.  A while later she started to peer over the edge of the drawer of the nightstand, first standing on tiptoe which just got her eyes over the rim.  When that was unsuccessful she pulled herself up and the drawer down by hanging from the front.

Luckily, this is a solid wood drawer and stand so she went up and the stand didn’t go down.  She found it and played some more.  The next time she took a break I picked it up, but this time just placed it on a table openly.  She went right back to the drawer and pulled herself up onto it,  But it wasn’t there, so she was disappointed.  After dinner I relented and gave it to her to play with again, and here I see it has migrated downstairs.

The picture is after she had been spending many minutes beating up that shoebox.  It had been on its back, and closed, but she bullied it open.

Davout was just chilling out.

Anna had a relaxing day as I just went in every so often to give her some pets.  Since I didn’t stay long the kittens didn’t get in her face.  Since they were away, I even carried her out of the room a little and let her find her way back on her own.  She wasn’t too afraid to be out, but was wary of running into a kitten.

Earlier in the week I had dragged this old cat bed from where it had sat for the last few years into her room.  I hadn’t seen her using it, but she did step on with only a little chivvying.

I’m not sure what she is looking at with concern here, since the door is in the other direction.

Since she seemed willing to stay put, I played with here here rather than in her other safe spots.  She didn’t seem to show any effect of the new spot.

She seemed to like laying in the hammock between bouts.

I love this shot….she has bashed the red cord toy right back into the camera lens…it is that red smear across the front.

The scene outside the door after playtime pictures.  The bed is just ahead, so Anna was looking right at them from in front.  No growling or retreat from Anna, although more time might have seen more of that.


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7 Responses to A Mighty Huntress, or Two

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Great pics! Love the ones of Anna! 🙂


  2. pilch92 says:

    Great photos- my kitties love da bird! Please visit us for a chance to win a cat in the hat mat and hat.


  3. I’m getting more fond of Anna every time I see her! She’s such a sweetie!🌹

    Liked by 1 person

  4. weggieboy says:

    This is one story I will continue to come back to learn what happens next! Anna seems to be showing some progress from what you show and say. I hope the day comes where she forgets she has issues, and relaxes with you and her kitty companions!


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