Out of the Closet

I’ve mentioned Anna’s closet safe spot but I don’t think I’ve shown a picture of it before. Here it is, as today she was too lazy to jump down and meet me at the door.  She sleeps on a rolled and tied futon mattress stuffed into that half of the closet, sitting on a pair of old speakers.  It is about chest high or a little less, and a suit bag hanging from the rack next to it makes a side wall on the outside.  So it isn’t as bad as cowering in a corner, if not as good as being out and about in the room or in the house.

We had a spirited session with the red cord…

I tried a few new angles…

…some of which caught Anna by surprise!

When she got a bit too worked up she retired to the back of the couch and made a nice regal picture.


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5 Responses to Out of the Closet

  1. That last photo of Anna on the couch is very lovely. I hope that as time goes by she feels more comfortable spending time outside of the closet. You seem to be doing a really good job taking care of her and giving her a good home.


  2. weggieboy says:

    I look forward to the day your patience is rewarded. Anna does seem happy with the status quo, but it’s hard to believe she won’t let her kitty curiosity get her up and out more in future!

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  3. sunsetdragon says:

    Such a pretty girl.


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