Opening Up

It was a warm day outside so when I returned from hiking I opened up some extra windows and turned on some fans.  Davout was very keen on sitting by the window, but when he moved to this chair suddenly the nearby fan started fluffing his fur backwards. This irritated him, but he did not move off for the longest time.

Rhea was perched on the top of the tree.  One advantage of this open window was that the kittens were occupied downstairs almost exclusively.  I dragged Anna out a time or so to other upstairs rooms and she was a bit uncomfortable but only very slowly made her way back to her room, checking out rooms along the way.

She was relaxed in her room…

I was in there too when I heard a meeping at the door.  It was Davout, but even when the door was open he stayed at the entryway rather than come in.  He wasn’t in eye contact with Anna by the opposite window.

Anna didn’t growl or hiss, but she did seem more and more oppressed as time went by. I tried giving some treats to them both, which helped, but when Rhea showed up I decided to close up the door rather than have a scene.

When I came down a bit later to make this post, Rhea was already browsing the web.

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2 Responses to Opening Up

  1. MOL! I just love hearing about those fluffballs! And Rhea browsing the Web – so cute!!😺


  2. Lurkertype says:

    Cats can type with their butts, I’ve decided. Apparently Rhea does too. But don’t put your eyes so close to the screen, girl!


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