New Normal

Things are moving along as normal.  I drag Anna out of her room once or twice a day just to get her outside.  If she sees a kitten, she still hisses.  If she doesn’t see a kitten, sometimes she still hisses.

Rhea has been less interested in messing with her on average, although she did bust in and cause a fracas today.

Davout sometimes will hang out by the closed door and sit there, even when I’m not in there.  I don’t think Anna knows he’s there.

Anna will often give a huge yawn when I come into the room.  I think it is a sort of friendly greeting.

Playing with the red cord…

After the cord is trapped…

She sometimes gets a little bitey, but figures it out pretty quickly and gives some licks of apology.

She does run down a little faster than the kittens do.


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3 Responses to New Normal

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Some cats are just hissy. Gracie used to hiss at Rich inexplicably sometimes. Like she didn’t really know what it means.


  2. Debi says:

    We had a little shaggy dog who once had puppies. Once they all had new homes, she snarled whenever she saw ANY puppy. So much for motherhood, lol.


    • Oldcat says:

      I don’t mind Anna hissing per se..its just that after one hiss she then runs off… and then Rhea chases her until Anna is in some dark corner somewhere all stressed out.


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