Lazy Day

Not much to report on today as I didn’t try any crazy mixing experiments on Anna.  She likes not having that pressure.

I tried to get her to go for the red cord, but she found the camera strap a bit more inviting.

Swing and a miss!

I came down to process the pictures and Rhea was taking over the portable again.  Bad Cat!

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Engineer with Cats
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8 Responses to Lazy Day

  1. MOL!! I love hearing about your kitties!💗


  2. Lurkertype says:

    Miss Rhea is doing some research she doesn’t want you to know about. Better check your browser history.

    Anna is working on the Fizzgig Yawn!


  3. weggieboy says:

    Rheas has that “You aren’t the boss of me!” bad attitude of a teenage girl. She’ll grow out of it, one hopes!


  4. sunsetdragon says:

    Oh no Rhea is in trouble again and just look at that face.


  5. Anne d says:

    Look at those teeth.


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