Taking Advantage

Most times Davout avoids being held or caught.  If he’s on the floor and you approach, he will scamper away 99 times out of 100.  This isn’t that uncommon in cats, who often want to approach you on their own terms.

What has been strange is that he hasn’t found a way to get close when he wants.  When he was little he started to follow Julie up with me when I went to the bedroom and climb on the bed with him.  This stopped happening for the most part when Julie was lost.

It doesn’t help that the rare times he does get nabbed he’s treated to me cleaning around his eyes, or cutting out an incipient mat, or even combing out his hair.  But he has started to follow me up and downstairs in the later evenings, and increasingly pop up onto the bed for some attention.  Today it was after I had my camera with me to take pictures of Anna.

He’s been getting short shrift because he’s too polite to harrass Anna and too dark complected to show up well in the dim light upstairs.

I did take a picture of Anna and spend some time with her.  She’s a little grumpy because I induced a dramatic incident by pulling her out of her room, after which Rhea chased after her when she ran back home.  A noisy spat ensued, but oddly she was only a little grumpy a minute or so later when I was holding Rhea next to my lap on the other side while Anna was glaring at me and her from the other half of the love seat.  Rhea was relaxed during this whole time, and Anna was more annoyed by my trying to pet her back than in having Rhea about two feet away.

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2 Responses to Taking Advantage

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Davout has grown into a handsome fella. Hopefully Anna is going to be willing to share space with the younger ones soon.


  2. weggieboy says:

    Sounds like Anna is coming along! I guess she has to build trust in the world first, eh?! She’s lucky she came to live with you!


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