Change of Pace

I tried something new today…and Anna is interested.

It is the old Undercover Mouse Toy!

Anna was pretty wild at first, then she seemed to get nervous about the closed door behind her (Davout was on the other side).  After a few minutes more she got tired of it, or too nervous about the door and stopped playing.

I opened the door and put the toy out for the kittens in the hall outside.  For a while they played with it, ignoring Anna growling and hissing at them from the couch inside.  Then Anna moved away and they played on.

Rhea didn’t think of sneaking in for quite a while, preferring the mouse.  When she did, I caught her and held her for a bit.  Anna sure seems to be much more confident when I am holding Rhea than when she is loose.  Rhea quickly decided that the fun was outside the room and went back to the mouse to play.

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1 Response to Change of Pace

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Sweet babies all three.


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