Picky Eater

Anna is a picky eater, but not for treats!

Every so often Anna decides to stop eating her wet food.  She still eats dry so I don’t have to worry about starvation, but after cruising along on her normal fishy offerings leaves them alone.  Then after a few days she starts again.

She apparently isn’t tired of seafood flavors, since after the interval she picks right back up.  One thing I have found is that she just won’t eat any wet food that isn’t pate style.  The chunks in gravy style has been left without a bite over and over.  All the other cats I’ve known have either preferred the gravy, or liked any style.

When it was playtime she was a bit tired but soon was willing to play…

She just missed the toy that time!

It just slipped away!

She did get her chance to catch and bite at it in the end.

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7 Responses to Picky Eater

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Purdey is just the same about food. With wet food she refuses anything that isn’t in jelly, and sometimes she has a brief spell when she only eats dry food (I end up opening all wet food flavours for her to turn her nose up at, and I never learn!)

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  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Such a beautiful face and Ali will only eat pate foods also. She eats a bit of wet but more dry and only friskies treats. I buy them and mix them in with regular friskies dry and she love them.
    You and the kitties have a nice Sunday.


  3. weggieboy says:

    Each of three cats I’ve had or have ate the gravy and left the chunk every time. I stopped buying any wet food in gravy for that reason. The pate form seems best with my cats, too, with dry in between.


  4. Lurkertype says:

    My kitties only eat pate as well.


  5. I suddenly turn my nose up at my favorite Fancy Feast occasionally too – just to keep the human on her toes!! 😹


  6. Val says:

    My Boyz only eat Pate. I think they believe that they a french. They eat Friskes it’s actually getting hard to find varieties in grocery store so I bought a couple cases at PetSmart with a chicken 32 pack!


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