Anna still shows no desire to leave her room.  She enjoys our play sessions…

This time she got the red devil!

She did get a little grumpy when she detected Davout in the room.  I had spotted him inside the doorway a bit earlier than she did and put out treats for him and her.  I think she heard him crunching on them.

He got a few growls and a hiss…

Then Rhea started to come through the door too.

Just then, Davout wanted out and pondered squeezing out between Rhea’s feet.  Instead she moved forward and let him out.

Rhea tucked herself behind this shelter where she can stare at Anna and get hissed at from across the room.

In Bloggy news, I peeked at my stats just last night and figured that I would fall quite a bit below my normal view rate for a month.  Today I look at my stats and I got nearly 600 views, many from presumably 1 or 2 persons that put me above the goal.  The stats tells me how many views and unique viewers I had today.  The viewers total is normal, but the hits were very high.  Many pages were hit, as if the person was reading back a long way…like a year or so.  The bulk of the views were from the US, but there was a high total from England too…50 or so hits, where 10 or so is more normal.


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2 Responses to Escape!

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    I am not surprised so many people come to visit your site as you have the most adorable kitties that make our hearts all smile.


  2. weggieboy says:

    I agree with Ruth (sunsetdragon): the adorable family of cats and your excellent photography make this a “must visit” blog! Of course, we all are anxious for Annie and the kittens to become best buddies at some point, and for Anna to move out of her happy place to join in the activities of the house.


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