Eventful Day

Yesterday I noticed a smear of blood on the side Anna’s litter box when we were in there with there getting treats.  I left work early to get her to the vet, who didn’t find anything major like a UTI or other problem.  We will have to keep an eye on it, and try and give her more liquids.  Since so far she seems to ignore wet food that is soupy, this might be hard.

Getting awakened from her usual afternoon nap in a hidey hole didn’t make Anna very happy, and the poking and prodding she got was even worse.  At one point I left the door to her room ajar and heard some tapping sounds from in there.  Rhea had gotten in and cornered Anna in her closet and was rubbing her cheeks on the door below Anna’s safe spot.  There wasn’t any loud fight, but I don’t want Anna pinned in a corner by Rhea’s mild mannered version of in-your-face time.

So after that, I let the kittens out in the back yard to give Anna as much space as could be.  After a little while, Davout came back which usually means Rhea has jumped the wall, and she had.

She didn’t go far in the pool area and was willing to be herded home.  Then she decided to take a stroll out front to the garage door.

Once brought back, at least her wandering ways were cooled for the day.  I thought she might have got out again but instead she was investigating the litter behind the table out back. She thought she was stuck, a little, back there.

After that, she returned to normal rock sitting and grass eating.  Davout managed to puke up his collection of grass at least once.


Looking for more grass to puke up.

I took another one that was more centered, but somehow this one looks better.

Handsome Fellow…

The ornamental grass is a bit out of control.  Rhea was sitting by it and a bit tuft got blown by the wind and smacked her in the noggin.  She made a dignified retreat after that.

I love the expression on her face here.

I also talked to the vet about the Anna’s self-imposed isolation and she had some suggestions to try and urge her outside – mostly by not babying her so much.   Today I sat in her room for a time reading and she jumped up to sit with me at first.  After a little she got twitchy about being petted and went to her window shelf.  Eventually the kittens came up and aside from one rush by Rhea that  I diverted by grabbing her, the two kittens hung out down the hall and watched Anna growl at them.  At times they sat apart, then together grooming each other, then they fought a bit and went apart.   Eventually Anna got a bit tired of growling commentary and laid down and slept.  With one eye open, thought.

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7 Responses to Eventful Day

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Davout has the most beautiful eyes. I hope Rhea is ok and that the blood spots do not mean anything serious.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. niasunset says:

    I hope everything is ok, love them all, Thanks and Love, nia

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jo Woolf says:

    Rhea is a naughty little girl! I hope all is well with Anna, and that you finally manage to integrate them. It does sound as if Anna has made herself very cosy in ‘her’ room and somehow she needs to be coaxed out of her safe refuge.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Lurkertype says:

    Rhea is so fluffy and with those short legs, she looks like a tribble in these photos. Or the “Hovercat” gif.

    Beautiful kittens as always.


  5. friendthecat says:

    I hope Anna is okay. 🙂


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