Here Comes Trouble

The ‘tough love’ program continues.  I haven’t yet had any success getting Anna to come out, but with the door open even a crack eventually Rhea will go in.  Today I found them about a foot apart, with Anna back in her safest cubby and Rhea blocking the entrance staring at her.  No noise aside from some growling from Anna.

When I moved to break it up Rhea hissed and Anna made a yowl and strike in Rhea’s direction.  So I still don’t think I can leave the door open when I’m not about, lest Anna get boxed in.

After a few hours to get over the last time, I went in to Anna and left the door open.  Davout is now the most eager to at least come to the door while I am in there.  It might be the treats, although I was out today.  Instead I used some dry cat food.

Anna came down to eat from her bowl while the kittens were around the corner of the sofa. After a bit of eating she went back up to her shelf and growled some at the kittens – Rhea had come in and taken the lead, crouching in view and watching her with round eyes without moving.

After a bit I picked Rhea up, moving her to sit with me on the sofa.  While this was even closer than before, like usual Anna almost ignores a cat that I am holding or carrying as a threat.  She did hiss a few times and peering over I saw that Davout had moved closer to get a dropped bit of kibble, and sniff at a catnip banana.  He didn’t do his usual fast fade when Anna got mad and stayed there.

Perhaps this kind of thing will desensitize Anna.  On the other hand, the kittens might get bored of her antics.

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4 Responses to Here Comes Trouble

  1. oh my goodness, that face!!!


  2. sunsetdragon says:

    Oh Lord just look attest face and you know adorable trouble is coming. That Rhea has the most expressive, pretty face I have ever seen.
    Hope they all get used each other soon.


  3. Lurkertype says:

    Anna doesn’t seem to mind Davout as much, yes? Maybe you could try the experiment with just him?


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