Sharing Space

Look Up Anna

It is getting to be a habit – I come in to take pictures and Anna is sitting on the sofa waiting to play herself.

Anna Profile

The door to her room was open a good part of the day, if only a little.  Of course, Rhea found her way in a time or so, and once had a nose to nose sit down with Anna about a foot and a half off.  Anna made one yowl that brought me in but otherwise no fur flied.

Kitten Gang

It doesn’t take long to attract the kittens to the action.

Pretty Anna

Anna saw Davout in the hall plain as day but seemed to ignore him completely as she jumped up onto the sofa to play.

Treat Investigation

I tossed a few treats down for the kittens around the corner and Rhea came in to eat them, but miracles do happen and she seemed content to stay out of Anna’s sight.


I even managed to play alternately with Rhea and Anna with the cord.


Rhea stayed around the corner.

Pretending not to notice?

And Anna pretended not to notice that the two of them were just a few feet away in her room.


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1 Response to Sharing Space

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Great progress! Well done! 🙂


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