Treats and Tricks

The campaign to wear Anna down either by accustoming her to the kittens or by making her less of a object of interest to them continues.  Perhaps it is even making some progress. Anna keeps to her room, but is showing a little more interest in the door when opened.  She’s looked out down the hall and not even hissed at Davout when he showed up.

Today I had a part-used bag of freeze dried chicken treats that everyone seems to like.  It was almost down to crumbs and powder, but was still of interest.

Davout is getting more relaxed in Anna’s room too.   I got him to grab treats almost at the front of the sofa instead of just at the doorway.  A few minutes later Rhea showed up for a share.

Rhea got her share.

Anna did spot the kittens and hiss a couple of times.  She growled a little too, although since much of the time Rhea wasn’t even paying attention to her made her outrage a bit muted.

Anna got her share too.  She even turned around to face the other way when watching the kittens got too much for her.

After eating his treats, Davout started playing with this catnip banana.  Little did he know that Rhea was lining him up for an attack from behind…

Rhea leapt from the hammick bed over the box at Davout, who sprang away in time.  This is why I have no success in grabbing the little feller.  He’s quick.  You can see Rhea coming into the picture on the right, over the box.

Rhea got what she wanted again.

She really likes to manipulate that banana with her front feet.

All in all a satisfying time.

I liked the fact that Rhea stopped short of focusing in on Anna with her intensity, which gives Anna some space to adjust on her own.  Rhea has kept it up, too.  She just meeped from upstairs and dragged her wand toy right down the steps for me like a kill.

Anna Growling

We’ll see how it goes.


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4 Responses to Treats and Tricks

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    Looks like it is going well.


  2. Oh I just love all your kitties!!! *((purrs))*


  3. weggieboy says:

    A delightful sequence! I especially liked the catnip banana incident!


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