Minister Disturbance

I’ve been a pest today to Anna, taking her out for walks down the hall, bringing in the kittens in my arms for her to sniff their tails, and having a couple of sessions with the door open.  Perhaps I’m planning for Anna to flee the room just to avoid me.

The kittens did their job well.  Neither did much when Anna sniffed at the tip of their tails and then hissed loudly.  She still seems very slow to recognize a cat being held versus one on foot.

When they were on foot, they stayed on the side of the room out of sight and got some treats.  Davout also played with the catnip banana while Anna growled at him.

No matter how riled up Anna gets these days, she will stop when I put out a finger or knuckle and give it a lick.

Even Rhea was on good behavior, for a wonder.

Anna got in some nice playing, with only a little bit of reacting to imaginary kittens.

When  I riled her up too much, she darted down to a cubby, then popped back onto the sofa for more.

It’s kickin’ time!

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3 Responses to Minister Disturbance

  1. Oh she is such a PURRINCESS!!😺

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  2. kimkiminy says:

    I’m always trying to read the titles of your books when they show up in the background. You’re clearly a military history buff.

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