A Change of Pace

I’ve been wondering for a while how Anna would react about going outside.  The weather hasn’t been cooperative, but today I tried it out.  It was around noon and the sun made it hard to frame pictures well.  At the shelter when  I adopted her she was outside a lot and seemed to have her little spots to sit in.

She reacted well enough – she didn’t freak out, but did seem a little worried at the closed door to the house.   I had closed the door to keep the kittens from getting in her face.

She did a bit of exploring, giving off little meeping meows every so often.  She poked into corners a little bit before I relented and took her back in.  When I set her down inside on the stairs she went right back to her room, but not as if she was scared.

I did have to make a dramatic snatch at Rhea who had instantly started off in pursuit of Anna to avoid a little drama.

Anna seemed to forgive me by the end of the day.

She does like to do some finger grooming.

Yes, the kittens did show up but were not pressing to get in Anna’s face.

On the other hand, when I left the door open a bit in the morning eventually Rhea did poke her nose in far enough to make Anna yell at her.

Rhea on good behavior just earned a sight-unseen hiss from Anna.

I tried to make a silly picture of Anna with the cord on her head, but she flipped right back to get that thing off.  Clever!


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2 Responses to A Change of Pace

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Nice to see Anna exploring!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MOL! Seems like Rhea didn’t like the idea of Anna getting comfortable in HER yard! Silly babies!😺


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