Major Steps?

Today I did the common thing and opened the door for dinner, and dragged Anna out down the hall.  I plunked her down at the end of the hall and even though Davout was near she didn’t hiss at him but went back to her room.  This was heartening.

Later, I opened the door then went down for the camera.  When I came back up she was by the open door rather than hiding or up on a high place.

Then even though the kittens were at the other end of the hall, she came out a few steps and explored.  This is just about the first time since December that she has left that room of her own free will.

She didn’t stay long, but she didn’t hiss at the other cats either.

Rhea was nice and avoided chasing her.

She then went to the couch for playtime and snacks.

The kittens took up their accustomed spots inside the room…

Anna didn’t seem too keen on the treats today.

The kittens almost lost track of the ones I tossed in their direction.


But then they found them all and dispatched them.

Maybe this will be just a blip, but at least some progress visible is a good thing,

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2 Responses to Major Steps?

  1. Debi says:

    Hopefully this is the first major step in the right direction. They are all so beautiful. Good wishes for continued interaction. big hug


  2. quirkyartist says:

    I love The photo of the two kittens outside the room. That is sooooo typical. She must be such a magnet for them.


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