Fly on the Wall?

The plan of keeping Anna’s door open when I am home is working well enough.  Rhea seems to go in every so often and cause a fuss.  More often now, rather than a yowl or hiss I just hear motion, and after a bit when I go in I see the aftereffects.

Usually it is Anna in a safe spot, growling, and Rhea nearby staring at her.  Today was an odd one, however, because when I went in I found Anna somewhat annoyed but no Rhea in sight.  Eventually I found her behind the main door to the room.  I have no idea why she was there and Anna holed up elsewhere.  At a guess, Anna bolted toward the closet and Rhea ran away in that direction.

When I found her, I let Anna ‘spank’ her.  It is just unrolling her tail towards Anna, who sniffs at it and when she recognizes it swats it with her paw.  Since Anna is declawed, there’s no harm done but some dignity lost.  Rhea could use some back-blast, because even though her pushiness isn’t real aggression, if she would just give it a rest Anna’s quirks wouldn’t be such a problem for her.

Davout is always first to arrive at photo and treat time, but like a gentleman he parks himself right at the door.

Rhea creeps up a bit later but soon passes up Davout, either for treats or for staring matches with Anna.  Today she seemed to have had her fill of stares, if not for treats, and stayed back from a second confrontation.

Anna made some growling sound and Rhea checked to see if she was coming over the arm of the sofa.  No fear here.

Anna retired to her window seat but went to grooming over worrying about the kittens.

I had tried yet another wet food type Anna ignored so I gave it to the kittens.  I decided to watch and see if Cassie’s rules about sharing were in place with this third generation.  Rhea ate some while Davout watched, then she sat up and left some for Davout to try.  They both left part for Anna to try later.

Davout snuck forward to get a peek at Anna.  She does seem to mind him less than Rhea, although not enough to make them friends.

She’s grumpy, but only seems to mind a little.

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2 Responses to Fly on the Wall?

  1. sunsetdragon says:

    I love the way they share and left some for Anna. Good kitties.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They are all so cute – but I just love Anna!😺


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