Face Time

It was pretty calm today, no hissing or spitting or other drama.  Just the three kitties sitting out of sight of each other looking where they think the other one is.

Some time they get it wrong.  At least part of the time Anna was glaring at the TV sound from the other room.

Rhea did peek a little and got growled at, a little.  She backed off.

When I left to set up this post, the door was a little ajar and Rhea snuck back in.  She got really close to Anna’s perch like before and was sitting there looking up.  No growls or anything until I came in to check up.

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1 Response to Face Time

  1. Lurkertype says:

    While I’m frustrated with Miss Rhea being pushy at Anna, that face makes me forgive her every time. (I’m sure she knows that)

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