Leapin’ Lizards

Today I brought out “Da Bird” for some play during the day.  Opinions were favorable.

Several times Davout carried the toy all the way downstairs in his mouth, dragging the stick behind.  He looks so proud, trotting down the hall with his head high and his tail up like a plume.

He usually drops it in the middle of the floor but if I don’t watch it Rhea will drag it in circles and tangle it around chairs.

So far Davout hasn’t done much jumping after the toy, but Rhea holds the record.  She just goes straight up like a rocket.  One vault took her to head height when I was sitting up on the bed.

She always gets her toy…

I noticed yesterday that Davout’s ruff was getting long and he was having trouble cleaning around it so I gave him a little trim.  It went moderately well – he doesn’t scratch like Gus would, but he’s a better wiggler.

It looks a little ragged but so did the professional one I got last time at the vets, and he was a lot less disturbed about it.  There were some long bits attached to his arms that only showed up when he is standing, so I had to catch him several times to get them all.   Hence the bird toy.

It was a slow day for Anna.  The door was open most of the day, and Rhea went in there once and made her mad.  I carried her out a few times, and she was encouragingly slow to go back to her room, peeking into side rooms on the way.  I managed to grab Rhea the one time she looked to chase her down the hallway to her room so there wasn’t a lot of extra drama.


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1 Response to Leapin’ Lizards

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Nothing cuter than a kitty proudly dragging off a toy bigger/longer than he or she is.


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