Who’s That?

Any guesses as to who is in the window on the stairs?

It was Anna!

Only the first picture was from today, I’m a bit behind there.  Today I did quite a bit of work with Anna.  I’ve been noticing more that when I pull Anna out, she’s going back to her room more and more slowly…even more so if there are no kittens around.

Today the garage was open and the kittens were downstairs with me or in there.  So when I had the chance I could pull Anna out and she could wander back without interference.  After a few tries up there I brought her all the way downstairs and she reacted much the same way – peeking around before making her way back up.

On the second time we did this, she jumped up into the window rather than head back, and also stayed there when the kittens noticed her and started gathering around.  Davout sat at the bottom of the steps, and I grabbed Rhea to avoid her charging Anna.  Plunking her on top of the cat tree helped keep her away.

Anna stayed down in the window for a long time, getting less agitated.  When she left, she stopped again at the top of the next flight.  Davout went up to within a few steps of her, and got hissed at.  He backed down.

She stayed there for some more time before going back to her room.

Yesterday there was a funny incident during the treat time.  Anna used the litterbox right in view of the kittens.  Rhea looked to rush up, but I managed to get her to stop with a word or two.

After the big stay downstairs, I waited some more time and took her into the bedroom and bath while I did some stuff there.  She did retreat, but rather than go back to her room and closet, she investigated and claimed a shelf on a small linen closet where the upstairs hall bends right outside my bedroom and stayed there.

Soon the kittens were arranged in that hall watching her.

Again, Rhea needed some management.  I tried to discourage her charging the closet a few times.  She did poke her nose in once without much reaction.  Another time I heard a noise out there and it was Davout beating her up in the hall wrestling right in view of Anna.

Eventually, Rhea did go all the way into the tiny closet just below Anna and set off a fracas. I pulled her out and she ended up going downstairs and leaving Anna be.  After some time Anna went back to her room.

Again, this is from yesterday.  Anna went to her highest shelf to watch the kittens.

I have no idea if this is repeatable.  Hopefully Anna sees that outside the room is pretty nice too, and that the kittens, while pests, are not anything to get upset about.  We shall see.

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4 Responses to Who’s That?

  1. weggieboy says:

    Sounds positive! I hope you are near the point where Anna decides to join the kittens in cat fun!


  2. Glad things are getting a little better!


  3. sunsetdragon says:

    Sounds like things are coming along pretty good with your kitty family and hope soon they all getting along nicely with out you needing to keep them all under control.
    Beautiful kitties.


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