Good Side, Bad Side

Like her random spots of color Rhea seems to be two cats in one.  She has been perfect with Harrison.  This morning she climbed on the bed after I let him out and put him there and didn’t turn a hair.  This evening she went in and riled up Anna for the first time in about a week just for kicks.

Just a minute ago she managed to rip the ball out of the trackball track and knock it all over the room.

Lurkertype mentioned in a comment that Harrison looked tired.  He is tired, nearly all the time.  The illness didn’t help but I think most of it is just his general starvation level.  I don’t know what his weight should be – he is fairly small framed, and not as long as Rhea, but she’s around 8 pounds and he’s less than 5.

He wears out fast, and tends to settle down in a huddle where he runs out of gas.  Then he’s there until you go find him, pretty much.  He shows the most animation when food is being set up, but after a few bites he gets tired and slows down too.  He manages to eat a lot, he has a long way to go.

Anna recovered from her spat and had a nice little play session. She’s filled out since she came here and is a brick of a cat.

Before I came down I tracked Harrison down to the bath mat, near the fountain that he drinks from in my room.  The dark stripe on the back shouldn’t be there, but there is so little flesh on the spine that it cools down and the Himmie color gene lets it go dark.



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3 Responses to Good Side, Bad Side

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Poor baby. I’m praying for him to pull through. Bless you for fostering him.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Poor little dude – I know he’s in good hands now!


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