Three in a Room

Earlier tonight we had three cats in the bedroom.  Davout has noted that the medicine has run out and now has started to come up and rest more often.

Harrison was pretty zonked out most of the day, but not relaxing.  He did snap out of it at dinner time and ate a big meal.  He has suddenly recovered the ability to jump up from the floor to the bed.  Ir also shows that he is starting to register the environment, not just gobbling food when it is put in front of him.

He came up onto the bed, walked up towards my face, and settled down for a real cat nap rather than the daze he is in a lot of the time.

Rhea was there too, keeping an eye on Davout in one direction…

…and watching Harrison when he jumped down for a drink of water.

Harrison stayed by the water fountain, back in the trance for now.

He still sometimes sniffles, especially when first getting up and moving but I am inclined to think that the sickness he had last week is pretty much gone, and what I see now is the effect of his emaciation.  It will be interesting to see what Harrison is actually like as the veils of disease and mistreatment fall away.



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4 Responses to Three in a Room

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Poor scrawny dazed boy. Are you wiping him down, since I doubt he’s bathing?


  2. What a beautiful boy – I’m glad he’s with you!💜


  3. weggieboy says:

    He doesn’t look as raggedy as he did in the first photos, so your TLC is doing the poor kitty worlds of good! You were just the person to foster this poor, sick little guy!


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