Sunday Mess

Today I noticed that one of the cat fountains – the one in the bedroom – had been leaking water for a while.  I have some matting under it but there was a little lake forming.  After some emergency rearrangement I cleaned matters up and went down to get the carpet cleaner tool from the garage.

As I heated some water for the tank, I noticed Davout acting oddly. I also that Rhea was missing.  Seems she managed to sneak into the garage while I wasn’t looking and had been stuck there until her big brother looked out for her.

Harrison had spent much of the day on this pad-bed by the bedroom door.  He did go back into his room a few times to eat, and even came over once and stared at me until I got the idea he might be out of food.

This morning he was standing in the hall and Rhea came up close and arched her back and did a little dance in front of his nose.  It was kind of flirty.  Harrison didn’t respond, but that was all Rhea needed and she walked away satisfied.

The cleaner makes a heck of a noise but Harrison didn’t flinch.  Hard to say if he was zonked out or just a calm cat.  As far as I can tell he’s very calm when not zonking.

After all the noise, Rhea came up to inspect the ruckus and did not approve.

A bit later he was back in his room in this bed.  He seems to like where it is, sort of in the middle of the action but not right in the middle.  With the other fountain out of order, this is close to the drinks and the food.

I like it when he lies down like this – sleeping like a cat.



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3 Responses to Sunday Mess

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Harrison’s face is beginning to look a little bit more focused on his surroundings, a bit more interested. Nice to see! Rhea is a little minx. I love it that Davout is her ‘guardian’.


  2. Lurkertype says:

    Harrison is developing (or recovering) a cute personality, I think. Has he meowed yet, or is he still too weak for that?

    It must be tiring for Davout to have to worry about Rhea.


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