Out of the Shell

Davout Looking Good

Davout has picked up a strange habit.  I have neglected to put away his carrier and he has started to snooze in it over the last few days.  I keep forgetting to look for him there and thus he manages to vanish.  Looking over there now Rhea has stolen it from him.

Watching the Action

Rhea continues to keep an eye on Harrison, and no sparks have been set off yet.  Today when he was trying to pass him in the hall she climbed into a small empty shelf to make room.  Harrison took a note and a minute or so later when she jumped out he climbed in and sat in the spot for a while.

Checking Out Feathers

Davout taking a sniff at a feather toy…

Good and Tired

Harrison is acting more and more cat-like with the days.  Today in the morning I opened up a bathroom cabinet and he jumped right in after it.  He waited to do it again tonight. He was frustrating me at dinner time because he kept asking for food, then ignoring it on the plate when it was set down.  I tried bits from a couple cans just to try and get some food in him, but no dice.

A while later he started to follow me about as I was doing other things and I tried with a third dollop of food.  This time he went to town, starting not with the new food but with the stuff already on the plate.  By the time he was done he’d eaten the old stuff and the entire can of the new food.  That’s a lot of food!

I don’t think he was being picky – I think he was too zonked to eat right then.  He had the first half – following the plate to the floor but not the actual eating part.

He did some new cat-like things today besides what I mentioned.  He scratched his claws on the side of the tree-stump cat tree in the bedroom.  I saw him rub his cheeks on the leg of the desk in his room.  And he looks more like he is exploring the room he moves through than sleepwalking about.

He was tired – just before I took this shot he was face-planted on that catnip ball.

Grumpy Anna

Anna is still pretty grumpy, although at what I’m not sure of.  Rhea has mostly left her alone and followed Harrison about.


This is one of the few times I’ve gotten a photo of a cat using the overlook to the downstairs…but nobody is down there.




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4 Responses to Out of the Shell

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely portrait of Rhea (second pic). One of my daughter’s cats often snoozes in her pet carrier, too – something my own cat would never do. Glad to know Harrison is taking more steps towards good health.


  2. Delaney says:

    I am so glad that Harrison is getting some loving care. Not to mention he seems to be distracting Rhea from Anna for a bit. Davout is always a little charmer. Hopefully he can be a role model for Harrison.


  3. weggieboy says:

    One of my cats likes to nap in his carrier, too. I leave their carriers out with the thought that they do this so they are less stressed out when I have to take them places in the carrier.


  4. Lurkertype says:

    Maybe Anna is just grumpy by nature.

    Our boy sometimes meatloafs in his carrier. But it still takes both of us struggling to get him into it when it’s vet time.

    So nice that little Harrison is getting enough energy to be a kitty once in a while. You run a good rehab place.


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