Who’s Grumpy Now?

A Good Question.

Well, the first answer is “Not Harrison”.  He’s been good about eating all his food today…which is about twice as much wet as Rhea and Davout share between them.  I gave him one little can and after he finished it he went and patiently sat in the bathroom area where his cans are stored for me to come back and give him a second one.

Rather than sack out in his own room he came into my room and lay down in the doorway to my bathroom – but relaxed like a cat not huddled up.

This is sort of near the area where the leaky fountain was.  I cleaned out that one, and subbed it for the one in Harrison’s room and cleaned up that one.  I haven’t put it down in the old spot yet, and the disarranged area is a source of worrisome change for the other cats.

While I was sitting there Davout came up and snuck some peeks at Harrison.

Davout does his best to look grumpy..


While Anna looks bright-eyed and bushy tailed.

Even Rhea can look grumpy.


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3 Responses to Who’s Grumpy Now?

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Lovely pics! Good to see Harrison stretched out and contented.


  2. greg1948 says:

    2 cans! He certainly has a healthy appetite!


  3. Oh my – how adorable they all are! Even when they’re grumpy!!


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