Bouncing Back

Harrison is feeling better, although he managed to worry me some by not eating much and seeming extra sniffly.  I gave him the last bit of anti-biotics I had and he did have a huge amount of food this evening.  In fact, he’s stealing some dry food right now.

I didn’t put him into his room and close the door last night, and just at bedtime he jumped up on the bed and slept, snoring all night next to me.  I threw in the towel and left the door open when I went to work too.

When I came home and was cleaning up and getting his dinner he tagged along and came all the way downstairs.  I then had to lead him back upstairs with the plate.  He has this funny habit of ignoring a plate of food, then if I pick it up and show it to him at eye level digging in and eating it.

I tried to get him interested in playing again but he was pre-empted by Rhea…

And so was Davout, who I was trying to lure closer until Rhea jumped in between.

But when you get her to do the crazy eyes, it’s hard to be mad.

Harrison seemed really tired this evening, until I went in to visit Anna and found that he had trailed me in there.  She was a bit miffed, and even more so when Harrison came right up and started eating her dry food right below her window seat.

This is before she noticed him coming in….like with all the other cats, he totally ignored her reaction and just did his thing.  The intensity went down quite a bit after that.

I did shoo him out and left her alone, and came down to do this post.  A few minutes ago he came down again and discovered the kittens food area.  He had some dry food and is now eating the remainder of their wet food dinner.  He might just pop!



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5 Responses to Bouncing Back

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Harrison sounds as if he’s still got a firm grip on life! Good for him, and long may it last. Love that photo of Davout’s luminous eyes.


  2. greg1948 says:

    Is it possible the cat does not SEE the plate of food until you hold it up???


    • Oldcat says:

      I’m not sure why looking up at a plate is easier than looking down onto one…He sure will follow me if I carry a plate all over the place, and at a run,


  3. kimkiminy says:

    I’m so glad to hear he’s hungry!


    • Oldcat says:

      He seems to have episodes where he eats a ton for a while and then picks at things for a bit. Drives me nuts, but overall he’s getting way more than normal for a big cat, and he’s still tiny.


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