Downstairs, Upstairs

When I got home from work today it took the longest time to find Harrison.  This was one of the reasons I kept him shut up in his own room at first, just to keep him located better.

I still don’t know exactly where he was, but at some point he was silently following me about as I peeked about looking for him.

His vote, of course, is to stay out and about.  He can make it up the stairs on his own, if he doesn’t get too tired out.  His episodes of zonking out seem less striking, being replaced by more standard cat sleeps.  He still seems to sleep very soundly at times, and wakes with a start if you touch him then.

Davout is less and less wary of Harrison, and sometimes almost seems to be watching over him like he does with Rhea.

Anna still is sticking to her room.

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3 Responses to Downstairs, Upstairs

  1. With everything going on in our world lately I’ve let a lot of my reading get away from me, but I just finished catching up on the last few months here and wow have you had a lot going on! Love the little foster baby, poor thing, so glad he’s improving so fast! Maybe he’ll end up showing Anna that this is a pretty cool place and the other kitties aren’t so bad either and she’ll come out and about more, fingers and paws crossed!


  2. Debi says:

    Poor Harrison. Poor Anna. Crossing my fingers that all turns around for all of them and they are well and happy and loving each other!


  3. Harrison is looking much Better!😺


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