Nice Guys Finish Last

Davout was a little miffed today.  He had to avoid his favorite napping spot.  Why for????

Harrison moved right in.  Not only that, but after eating his double sized breakfast upstairs he came down and ate the little can that Davout shares with Rhea.  Then he stole the sleeping spot.

So why can’t Davout just go to his second favorite spot?


I like how bored she looks here.

Harrison was fairly wide-awake today, which was spent eating and posing for this photo…

…and strolling out the front door like it was nothing when I peeked outside for any packages.

Anna was pretty cranky in the morning.  I was in there petting/annoying her and she was complaining.  Rhea came running in and struck a dramatic pose in the center of the floor hand hissed…at nothing, since Anna was about a yard away and up on a shelf.  But it was surely a dramatic entrance.

Later Rhea snuck in and pinned her in one of her safe nooks and just sat there.  I broke it up after a few minutes.  Oddly, Anna seemed a little less odd than on days when she is ignored.  I bought a Feliway mister on the off chance it will take the edge off.

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4 Responses to Nice Guys Finish Last

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Dreadful to see how thin Harrison is, but his eyes look better and he’s obviously got more energy. Poor Davout! Such a gentleman.


  2. kimkiminy says:

    It is shocking to see how thin Harrison is, but I love those gorgeous blue eyes!


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